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Bed bug heat treatment utilizes special machinery and a network of duct to pump heat into specific areas. By utilizing fans, this process heats a room, house, or space to nearly 150 degrees F in order to completely kill bed bugs. Heat is an extremely effective method for killing bed bugs once and for all. 

Can bed bugs survive heat treatment?

No. Heat kills bed bugs at all stages of life, whether they are an egg or an adult. A heat treatment only requires one treatment and can be accomplished within one day. 

How long is a heat treatment?

Heat treatment typically takes between six and eight hours depending on the size and condition of the area. 

What should be removed?

During the treatment, pets and any heat sensitive items that could melt or be damaged at temperatures of 150 degrees F should be removed. 

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RK Thermal Remediation is a business specializing in treating, remediating, and removing bed bug infestations. We utilize a chemical-free heat treatment process to kill bed bugs in all stages of life. Our technicians provide both residential and commercial bed bug control, and we can handle jobs of any size.


Our team is GreenTech trained and certified, which puts them on the cutting edge of bed bug extermination technology. The thermal remediation equipment we use is EPA-registered. Heat treatment has several advantages over chemical pesticides, including:

  • No harmful chemicals

  • Heat draws bed bugs out of hiding, allowing us to exterminate more of them at once

  • Bed bugs have no resistance to heat, but they are becoming resistant to chemicals

  • Fewer treatment sessions are needed, which can save you money

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We offer a sliding scale payment plan based on income, allowing us to provide affordable residential bed bug services. ​All the profits go toward our nonprofit organization, Rupert's Kids, which works toward true justice and sentence reform. 


RK Thermal Remediation is fully licensed, bonded, and insured so that you can feel secure choosing us to complete your jobs. We have an outstanding reputation in the area, making us a popular choice when locals need to remove a bed bug infestation. Our high success rate and quality of work set us apart from our competitors. 


We have a handy checklist that shows you how to prepare for a heat treatment session and what to expect afterward. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about the benefits of non-toxic bed bug control! We serve the Shelbyville, IN area and beyond.


Our employees have been tested and certified on the heat treatment equipment in order to provide the best quality service for your needs. 


RK Thermal Remediation is fully licensed, bonded, and insured so that you can feel safe and well taken care of when you choose us to complete your jobs. 


Our staff has been fully trained on the use of the heat treatment machinery and the process that it entails. We will successfully rid your house of bed bugs in no time. 


RK Thermal Remediation has an outstanding reputation in the area and is called on for all types of jobs. The successful completion of jobs and quality of work is what sets us apart from the competitors. 

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"Rupert is doing a lot of good in this town! More people should be willing to jump in and help the way he has! Your a great guy Rupert. Keep up the good work."

"Who wouldn’t want to be part of such an awesome organization that helps young kids off the streets out of trouble and to learn that there is other ways in life and they actually can become a part of society without falling through the cracks river does an excellent job of mentoring these kids and I would love to help in anyway I can."

"Awesome organization and always giving back to kids and the community."

"These guys are phenomenal! There should be a Rupert's Kids in every city in America! If you have money, donate! If you have time, give them a little!"

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